Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Advertising & Promotion - Direct Mail

Information, topics, and links related to your business's direct mail marketing strategy.

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Published: 2007-05-30
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Marketing My Business - Advertising & Promotion

Direct Mail Marketing Strategy
United States Postal Service (USPS) Direct Mail Marketing Assistance
US Postal Service: Every Door Direct Mail: Users can now address their mailpieces with general addresses that include "Residential Customer" and "Postal Customer" rather than with specific names. This will put broshures or advertisements etc. in every mail box in a specified location. Direct Mail Links
How To Write A Profitable Classified Ad

Direct Mail Sales Leads

Friday, May 18, 2007

e-business - PennTAP

The Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program (PennTAP) is a Pennsylvania program focusing on helping smaller firms that normally do not have the in-house expertise or resources to resolve specific technology questions or needs. PennTAP technical specialists assist small companies by providing technical advice, technical information, and connections to other expertise, resources, or programs. Some of the projects that PennTap assists small businesses with include small business website search engine optimization, rural commercial internet access, mobile compatible websites, and smart phone credit card applications.

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The Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program (PennTAP)

Donald W. LeGoullon
Donald W. LeGoullon Bio
Advanced IT/e-Business Consultant
The Pennsylvania State University
180 Basher Road
Cranberry PA 16319-2602
Phone: (814) 882-2449
Fax: (814) 865-3589

Request PennTap Assistance

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Professional/Consulting Help For My Business - Turnaround

Information, topics, and links related to Business Turnaround Consultants. Business Turnaround Consultants are hired by businesses that have large problems like: unprofitabilty, human resource problems, production problems, etc.

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Professional/Consulting Help For My Business - Main Page
Turnaround Consultants
Google Search: "turnaround management" +consulting
Turnaround Management Association
Turnaround Management Association (Pittsburgh Chapter)
Find a Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP)
Other Turnaround Links

Professional/Consulting Help For My Business - Main Page

Information, topics, and links related to professional and consulting help available to your business on a variety of issues.

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Professional/Consulting Help For My Business

Business Turnaround Consultants and Professionals

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Advertising & Promotion - Signage

Information, topics, and links related to your business's signage strategy.

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Marketing My Business - Advertising & Promotion

International Sign Association
The State University of New York: Whats Your Signage (PDF)

Marketing My Business - Advertising & Promotion

Information, topics, and links related to your business's advertising and promotion strategy.

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Marketing My Business - Main Page

Advertising & Promotion

Aerial Advertising
Direct Mail
Direct Sales (Company Managed Sales Staff)
Direct Sales (Manufacturers Representative Or Agent)
Event (Sporting Events, Stadium, Olympics, etc)
Point of Sale
Print Media (Coupons, Newspaper, Magazines, etc)
Signage and Billboard
Trade Shows
Word of Mouth

Search Engines

Social Media/Networking:
Pew Internet & American Life Project: studies the social impact of the internet, focusing on topics such as health, teens, and broadband. Its three main topic areas are Activities & Pursuits, Demographics, and Technology & Media. The Project provides access to a number of data tools, including research reports and commentary, infographics, trend data, survey questions, and datasets. Data is based on phone surveys, online surveys, and qualitative research.
Social Media Resources and Online Training (socialmedialeeps)

Computer and Technology Related
Cell Phone and PDA's
Email Marketing Strategy and Tips

Other General Advertising and Promotion Resources and Links
Advertising Age Magazine

SizeUp (SBA): If you are a small business owner, you need to know how your business stacks up with the competition in order to succeed. SizeUp will help you manage and grow your business by benchmarking it against competitors, mapping your customers, competitors and suppliers, and locating the best places to advertise.

Environmental Management Assistance - Alternative Energy Funding

Alternative and Clean Energy Program (ACE)

The Alternative and Clean Energy Program (ACE) provides financial assistance in the form of grant and loan funds that will be used by eligible applicants for the utilization, development and construction of alternative and clean energy projects in the state. The program is administered jointly by the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), under the direction of the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA).

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Environmental Management Assistance - EMAP

Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority (PEDA)
The Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority grant is currently closed to new applications. Applicants for PEDA financing can seek grant assistance for capital costs for a variety of innovative, advanced energy projects. Eligible PEDA projects may include solar energy; wind; low-impact hydropower; geothermal; biologically derived methane gas, including landfill gas; biomass; fuel cells; coal-mine methane; waste coal; integrated gasification combined cycle; demand management measures, including recycled energy and energy recovery, energy efficiency, and load management; and clean, alternative fuels for transportation. PEDA particularly encourages applicants with projects related to distributed generation for critical public infrastructure to apply.

PEDA financing is available to organizations operating in Pennsylvania and to those businesses interested in locating their advanced energy operations in Pennsylvania.

Energy Harvest
Depending on available grant monies, up to $5 million in grants are available under the Pennsylvania Energy Harvest Grant program. Since the program launched in May 2003, Energy Harvest has awarded $21 million and leveraged another $51.9 million in private funds.

Grants fund projects that promote awareness and build markets for cleaner or renewable energy technologies. Energy Harvest grants will fund innovative energy deployment projects that emphasize protecting Pennsylvania’s air or water quality while supporting economic development and enhancing the quality of life in the commonwealth. Eligible proposals include: renewable energy deployment, including biomass energy waste coal reclamation for energy deployment of innovative energy efficiency technologies and distributed generation projects.

Alternative Fuels Incentive Grants (AFIG)
Up to $16.4 million will be available through the Alternative Fuels Incentive Grants program to finance the production and use of clean-burning fuels in Pennsylvania. The program is currently closed to new applicants.

Grant funds awarded through AFIG can cover the added cost to purchase E85 ethanol-blended fuels or biodiesel and to install related refueling equipment. Pennsylvania producers of ethanol or biodiesel are eligible for a reimbursement of 5 cents a gallon for up to 12.5 million gallons covering a 12-month period.

AFIG funding awarded over the past two years will result in the use of 1.5 million gallons of B20 (20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent diesel) and the production of 33 million gallons of biodiesel through 2008. Since its inception in 1992, Pennsylvania has awarded almost $32 million through AFIG for 1,000 projects in almost every county in the commonwealth. AFIG funds have leveraged more than $118 million from public and private fleet operators, fuel providers, and the federal government.
PA Sunshine Residential/Small Business Solar PV Program (Pennsylvania Sunshine Program)
The Pennsylvania Sunshine Solar Program will provide $100 million in rebates to help fund solar electric (solar photovoltaic, or PV) and solar hot water (solar thermal) projects for homeowners and small businesses in Pennsylvania.

Available Assistance
Contact Bill Dunagan, Regional Environmental Specialist at (215) 573-2019 or email him at or go to the PASBDC Environmental Management Assistance Program (EMAP) website at for additional information at (877) 275-3627. EMAP offers free and confidential environmental compliance assistance, energy efficiency assessments, and environmental and energy technology development assistance to small businesses.

The Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) work with small firms to help them compete and grow in today’s highly competitive global economy. Combining the expertise of a professional staff with the resources of the state’s best colleges and universities, the SBDCs provide high quality business management consulting, information, and educational programs that build small firms’ capacities to compete in domestic and international markets. All the services provided by the SBDC are free and confidential. More information can be found on our website: