Thursday, June 12, 2008

Advertising & Promotion - Print Media

Information, topics, and links related to your business's print media marketing strategy. This includes advertising and promotion strategies involving newspapers, magazines, professional journals, sales flyers, coupons, brochures, and other print media vehicles.

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Published: 2008-06-12
Revised: 2009-03-05

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Marketing My Business - Advertising & Promotion

Traditional Print Media Marketing Strategy

Google Search: "effective print media"

How To Create Brochures That Get Action (Professional Advertising)
Pennsylvania On Display (PA's Official Broschure Distribution Program)
Google Search: "effective brochure"

How To Put The Profit-Producing Power of Couponing To Work For You (BusinessKnowHow)
Google Search: effective sales coupons

Magazines Available (
Google Search: "effective magazine advertising"

Pennsylvania Online Newspapers (By County)
Pennsylvania Newspapers (NewsLink)
Press Release Grader
Web Windows Newspaper advertisement specialists
Google Search: "effective newspaper advertising"

Professional Journal
Business Trade Journals Directory (Yahoo)
Journals By Subject Area (Wikipedia)
Google Search: "advertising in trade journals"

Sales Flyers
Writing A Great Sales Flyer (EzineArticles)
Google Search: effective sales flyers

Yellow Pages
Google Search: "yellow pages"
Google Search: "effective yellow page advertising"

Monday, June 09, 2008

Business Legal Structure - Main Page

These are links, websites, and information sources that can help new and existing small businesses decide what form of legal structure is best for their business both as an individual and as a going concern.

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Published: 2008-06-09
Revised: 2016-05-11

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Business Legal Structures

Summary Information
Quick Summary of Business Legal Structures (QuickMBA)
Choosing Business Entity, Laughlin Associates, October 2011
Choosing the Best Ownership Structure for Your Business (Nolo)
How Business Legal Structures Work (Howstuffworks)
Business Legal Organizational Structures (
PASBDC Business Legal Structures FAQ
Pennsylvania Department of State Corporation Bureau
A Guide To Business Registration In Pennsylvania (DOS Corporation Bureau)
DOS Corporation Bureau Forms
Corporations And Unincorporated Associations (Title 15)
A Guide To Forming Your Business (
Corporate Veil Protection, Laughlin Associates, October 2011
Google Search: business legal structure

Sole Proprietorship
Defined (wikipedia)
Sole Proprietorship Basics (Nolo)
Sole Proprietorship (PAOpen4Business)
Sole Proprietorship (IRS)
Google Search: +pennsylvania +"Sole Proprietorship"

General Partnership
Defined (wikipedia)
General Partnership Basics (Nolo)
Partnership Agreement Sample (Small Business Notes)
Partnership Agreement Books (
General Partnership (PAOpen4Business)
General Partnership (IRS)
Google Search: +pennsylvania +"general partnerships"
Google Search: partnership agreement
Google Search: Steps To Draft A Partnership Agreement

Limited Partnership
Defined (wikipedia)
Limited Partnership (Nolo)
Limited Partnership (PAOpen4Business)
Google Search: +pennsylvania +"limited partnership"

Limited Liability Partnership
Defined (wikipedia)
Limited Liability Partnership (DOS)
Limited Liability Partnership (PAOpen4Business)
Limited Liability Partnership (BusinessOwnersToolKit)
Google Search: +pennsylvania +"limited liability partnership"

Defined (wikipedia)
C-Corporation (DOS)
C-Corporation (PAOpen4Business)
C-Corporation (IRS)
Google Search: +pennsylvania +"C-Corporation"

Defined (wikipedia)
S-Corporation (PAOpen4Business)
S-Corporation (IRS)
Google Search: +pennsylvania +"S-Corporation"

Non-Profit Corporations
Defined (wikipedia)
Non-Profit Corporations FAQ (Nolo)
Non-Profit Corporations Basics (Nolo)
Non-Profit Corporation (WorldLawDirect)
Tax Information for Charitable Organizations (IRS)
Starting Non-Profit Corporation In PA (Hurwit & Associates)
Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) (IRS)
Google Search: +pennsylvania +forming +"non-profit Corporation"

Professional Associations

Google Search: +forming +"professional association"

Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Defined (wikipedia)
How to Form a Limited Liability Company (Nolo)
Publication 3402, Tax Issues for Limited Liability Companies (IRS)
A Step by Step Guide to Forming a Limited Liability Company in Pennsylvania (PSU)
Google Search: "limited liability company" +pennsylvania

Business Trusts
Google Search: +forming +"business trusts"

Benefit Corporations
Defined (Wikipedia)
Google Search: benefit corporations
Benefit Corporation FAQ (BLab)
Professional Corporations
Defined (wikipedia)
Google Search: +forming +"professional corporation"

Other Articles and Information
Tax Considerations for Business Legal Structures

Advertising & Promotion - Direct Sales

Information, topics, and links related to your business's direct sales marketing strategy.

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Published: 2008-06-09
Revised: 2009-09-10

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Marketing My Business - Advertising & Promotion

Direct Sales Marketing Strategy

Google Search: how do I develop a successful sales staff

Articles and Information
Relationship Marketers (Boring Marketers Have Skinny Kids) bizjournal 2008/04/28

gladhandle: Web-based software that helps salespeople communicate and followup with their clients.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Money For My Business - Securities

Businesses that are growing that have exhausted their ability to finance their growth through personal capital or bank loans may want to consider finding individuals to finance and invest in their company. These security offerings may be debt securities like corporate notes and bonds or equity securities like corporate stock. Below are websites, links and information pertaining to this type of capital acquisition.

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Published: 2008-06-07
Revised: 2008-06-07

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Money For My Business - Main Page

Securities (Offering)

Pennsylvania Securities Commission (PSC)
PSC Entrepreneur Education Program
Entrepreneur Education Program Brochure
Raising Small-Business Capital Brochure

Other Securities Offering Assistance
US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Q&A: Small Business and the SEC
Small Company Offering Registration (SCOR) Information
North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA)
NASAA SCOR Assistance and Information
SCOR Forms
U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy
Google Search: "Small Company Offering"

Money For My Business - Other Commercial Lenders

These are other commercial lenders other than banks that offer commercial loans, lines-of-credit, second mortgages, cash flow based loans, and home equity loans for people who want to start or expand their business. In some cases these lenders will finance your business when you get denied by traditional banks. These are the lenders that do business in the Clarion SBDC's 10 county area of operation.

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Published: 2008-06-07
Revised: 2015-05-12

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Money For My Business - Main Page

Commercial Loans (Other)

Cashflow Based Loans

Phone: (888) 269-4246 Extention 2

Financing Guidelines

Google Search: cash flow based financing +pennsylvania

Commercial Real Estate Loans
Janus Mortgage

Google Search: commercial real estate loans +pennsylvania

Equipment Collateralized Loans and Leases
At their basic level, equipment loans are not that different from car loans. Just as a car is the collateral in a car loan, the equipment is the collateral in an equipment loan. When equipment loans go into default, repossession can occur. The keys to getting affordable rates on equipment loans are good credit, reasonable debt ratio, and a solid operating history for your company.

If your credit rating is less than stellar or you don't have a very long operating history, you may want to consider equipment leasing as an option over loans. Equipment leasing is generally easier to get for new business owners, and it has the benefit of leaving the costs of obsolescence with the leasing company.

If your credit rating is good enough for you to qualify for both a equipment loan and a equipment lease, you will need to do some financial calcualtions to see which scenario is better for your situation. Some of the factors that will affect your decision will be the life of the asset, the interest rates of the loan/lease, the terms of the loan/lease, closing costs of the loan/lease, the cost of equipment obsolescence, cash flow maximization, and of course tax considerations.

Be careful with solicitations via telephone, mail, fax, and emails from various equipment collateralized lenders. Many of these are bad deals. When I find some legitimate trustworthy firms that provide this type of financing, I will add them to this post.

Other Loans

Three Sixty Financial: At ThreeSixty Financial, we believe there’s a loan for every situation – whether it’s personal or business. And it’s our job to find it for you, fast and without hassle.

ThreeSixty Financial makes the application process easy, so you can get multiple options for a personal or business loan. We partner with only the best lenders. Plus, the application is free and requesting options does not impact your credit score. Need a Business Loan? No Problem.

Loans help business get done. ThreeSixty Financial connects your business plan to the money it needs to get off the ground, or reach higher planes. We partner with proven business lenders, and vet the options for you.

In most cases, ThreeSixty Financial will connect you with an unsecured personal or business loan. An unsecured loan is granted based on the belief that you will repay as promised and have the means to do so. These loans tend to be the best vehicles to help move an individual toward better financing options.

Google Search: equipment collateralized loans