Monday, August 31, 2009

Disadvantaged In Business - Veterans

Information, assistance, and links related to veterans in business.

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Publish Date: 2009-08-31
Revised: 2012-02-27

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Veteran Business Assistance

Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers
PASBDC Veteran Business Assistance Tools
Find your local Veteran Business Outreach Center

United States Department of Veteran Affairs
Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Staff Listing
Small Business Points of Contact Listing
Small Business Programs and Socioeconomic Goals
Veteran Entrepreneurs
Mentor-Protégé Program
Search for Loans, Grants & Financing
Small Business Assistance for Veterans (SBA)
OSDBU Document Library
OSDBU Resource Library
Small Business Advocate Newsletter

United States Small Business Administration (SBA)
Office of Veterans Business Development
Patriot Express Pilot Loan Initiative
Military Reservists Economic Injury Loans
Veterans Business Development Officers
Veterans Business Outreach Program

Other Veteran Owned Business Assistance Links Blog
Veteran-Owned Business Doing Business With Department of Defense (DOD)
Wounded Warrior Directory: Small businesses owned by veterens wounded in the service to their country.
Google Search: veteran owned business assistance

Friday, August 21, 2009

Industry Analysis - Real Estate

This is information and web links pertaining to the Real Estate Industry.

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Publish Date: 2009-08-20
Revised: 2009-08-20

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Industry Analysis - Main Page

Real Estate

Real Estate Outlook (Prudential Investment Management)

Google Search: US Real Estate Industry Outlook

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Government Regulation - Building Occupancy Permits

This is informationa and web links pertaining to Pennsylvania's Uniform Construction Code regulations (PA UCC) and Pennsylvania's building occupancy permits.

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Publish Date: 2009-08-19
Revised: 2009-08-19

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PA UCC and Building Occupancy Permits

In the past before the passing of the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code regulations (PA UCC) the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry (PA Dept of L&I) was the government agency directly responsible for receiving applications, approving, assigning, and renewing building occupancy permits to businesses and organizations in Pennsylvania.

Recently, the PA Dept of L&I has given local Pennsylvania municipalities the option of taking the responsibility of inspection, permitting, and enforcement of Pennsylvania building occupancy permits. As a result of the PA UCC, most local municipalities have taken over the responsibility for the inspections and the permits. Many municipalities have a person on staff that does the inspection, permitting, and enforcement of the code or they may contract with a certified third party to do the inspection, permitting, and enforcement of the occupancy permits. Some municipalities have decided not to take on the responsibility from the PA Dept of L&I and chose to keep the PA Dept of L&I as the authority to enforce the codes and issue permits. A list of the municipalities that have either chosen to opt-in or opt-out are listed here by county: county listing.

PA Dept of L&I, UCC Plan Review and Inspection Requirements

For more information, contact:
Pennsylvania's Uniform Construction Code
Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry
Phone: (717) 787-3806, Option 1, then Option 8
Fax: (717) 783-5002
Questions faxed over are answered quickly. The phones are at times swamped.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Industry Information - Retail

These are links, information, and resources pertaining to the retail industry.

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Published: 2009-08-14
Revised: 2009-08-14

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Industry Analysis - Main Page

Retail Industry

General Retail Information, Articles, and Links
The National Trust Main Street Center
MainStreet News Article Database (MainStreet News)
Great American Main Street Awards

Friday, August 07, 2009

Computers For My Business - Avoid Being Blacklisted

These are links and information pertaining to mass emailing and the avoidance of being considered a spammer and avoiding being blacklisted.

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Published: 2009-08-07
Revised: 2010-08-03

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Computers For My Business - Main Page

People using email sometimes send one email to multiple people or email accounts. If the number of people you send the email to is somewhat large, as many as only 30, the email servers receiving the emails can electronically label the sender of the "mass" emails as a spammer and may blacklist your email account and/or server that you are sending from.

When you are blacklisted your email and/or server or server ip address is blocked from many servers that are subscribed to the blacklist. Meaning the emails you send are not always delivered.

Avoid Being Labeled A Spammer And Avoid Being Blacklisted
The methods described here are not guaranteed to avoid getting blacklisted but have helped avoid blacklisting in the past.

Manual Method: If you have a list of say 100 classmates you want to email a class reunion invitation to: send in groups of 20, 15 minutes apart. This is the least safest way, but is cheap and easy.

Constant Contact: Web based software that manages your email lists and groups and provides the backbone that avoids blacklisting. You import your email addresses to online software database and send them from there. $15 per month for 0-500 addresses. This is a safer method, but costs money and there is a small learning curve.

madmimi: Competitor to Constant Contact. 100 or less email addresses is free. 100 to 500 is $8 per month.

mailchimp: Another web-based email marketing software and database. 100 or less email addresses 6 or less mailings a month is free. 100 to 500 is $10 per month.

listrak: Another web based software that is more robust and more expensive. The website has a nice information and resources center.

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Email Marketing Strategy and Tips