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Industry Analysis - Wine Industry

Includes industry information, links, resources, and research for the wine industry.

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SIC# 2084 Wines, brandy, and brandy spirits
NAICS# 312130 Wineries

Wine Industry
Small Winery Investmentand Operating Costs, Washington State University Extension, 2005
2010-2011 State of the Wine Industry, Silicon Valley Bank, 2010
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Selling My Business - Main Page

Information pertaining to business valuation and other information pertaining to selling your business.

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Business Valuation
Basic Business Valuation, Lorraine M. Smith, ASA and Thomas B. Smith, ASA, March 9, 2000
Valuation Concepts, Clarion University Small Business Development Center, October, 2004
The Business Valuation Process: Buying/Selling A Business, Mark Stover, University of Wisconsin SBDC, 1999

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Business Valuation Consultants

Clifton Larson Allen LLP
David J. Pieton, ASA, CPA
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Pittsburgh PA 15222
Phone: (412) 485-6733
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Email: dave.pieton@claconnect.com
Website: http://www.claconnect.com/

Business Exit Strategy
In entrepreneurship and strategic management an exit strategy, exit planning and strategic withdrawal, is a way to transition one's ownership of a company or the operation of some part of the company. Entrepreneurs and investors devise ways of recouping the capital they have invested in a company. The most common strategy is the sale of equity to someone else through a trade sale.

Transition companies are professional mergers and acquisitions companies that assist Middle Market business owners with their exit strategy. Services offered are often referred to as Transition Management services.

From time to time, management may decide it is necessary to downsize its operations. This typically involves discontinuing less profitable brands, products, product lines, or operating divisions.

Other types of exit strategy include Management buyouts or employee buyouts (common in the manufacturing industry).

So when asked for your “Exit Strategy” when applying for an entrepreneurial preventure grant it simply means they want your plans after you develop the business into a profitable going concern. Are you going to keep a closely held private corporation or do you plan to issue stock and go public? A lot of entreprenuers invest in new businesses and go public to recupe their investment and to make money.

There are many books and papers on the topic (here are some):

Exit Strategy, The Art of Selling Business, Sheldon Manheim
Exit Strategies for Your Business, Entrepreneur Magazine, 2014
Writing a Business Plan - Planning Your Exit Strategy, About.com, 2014
Exit strategy, US SBA

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