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Websites - Mobile Compatible and Mobile Optimized

Information, topics, and links related to making your business's website mobile compatible and/or mobile optimized.

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Published: 2014-10-03
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Developing mobile compatible and/or mobile optimized websites

A mobile compatible website is an HTML based website that doesn’t contain Flash. It means that a website is viewable on a Smartphone or Tablet, but it is not optimized for these devices. These websites have been designed for web browsers on PCs with much larger screens and navigation using a mouse.

You will notice a few things about these websites when you attempt to browse them on your Smartphone or Tablet – you have to scroll left, right, up or down and figure out how the site “works”, media may load slower, text is tiny so you have to zoom in to read it and the links are small and difficult to click with your fingertip. Sound cumbersome? That’s because it is.

If you have done nothing to optimize your website for mobile devices, then it is likely compatible by default. It is also likely that visitors are abandoning your site pretty quickly. Why? Because poor experiences do not convert customers.

A mobile optimized website is a website that is designed specifically for a Smartphone or a Tablet, not a desktop computer or laptop. A mobile optimized website doesn’t require that someone pinch and zoom to read text. On a mobile optimized site the navigation is built for efficiency, the images and media are optimized for quick loading and the content is succinct for maximum effectiveness. Additionally, mobile-only functionality includes tap-to-call, tap-to-email and map functionality.

If your hotel’s website has been optimized for mobile devices you will know – not only because it is much easier to navigate and use compared to the experience of a compatible website but because you will likely see less bounce rates, higher engagement levels and improved conversions.

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Local Mobile Compatible/Optimizing Consultants (Also helps customers develop apps)

Kurt Stuchell
1373 Treasure Lake
Du Bois PA 15801-9033
Phone: (814) 319-6383

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